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Island Beach Gear Career Opportunities

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About eOutdoors Inc.

eOutdoors Inc. is a growing multi-channel specialty outdoor retailer and direct marketing company. We globally help people to have fun and pursue their outdoor activities by marketing and selling high-quality recreational products for fishing, boating, and the beach under four premium brands: TackleDirect, Island Beach Gear, Ocean Tackle International and 10th St Wharf. Learn more about Island Beach Gear.

We recognize that building the business with the right people will enable the company to enjoy continued success. You'll find a commitment to world-class customer service, a passion for quality products, growth opportunities and an emphasis on treating each other with dignity and respect. eOutdoors Inc. employees pursue their outdoor activities with the same passion as they help customers to pursue theirs. With TackleDirect headquarters located in Atlantic Country in Southern New Jersey, many employees live nearby with convenient access to beautiful beaches, bays, boardwalks and outdoor recreation in the relaxed coastal living that South Jersey can offer.

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"eOutdoors Inc. employees pursue their outdoor activities with the same passion as they help customers to pursue theirs."
A picture of Patrick Gill smiling Patrick Gill
Founder & CEO, eOutdoors, Inc.

What's It Generally Like Working With Us?

In The Business Of Selling Fun

eOutdoors Inc. employees become product experts to better assist customers in having fun and being safe on the water with their friends and family while fishing, boating or going to the beach.

Energetic & Passionate Staff

eOutdoors Inc. employees are both a family and a team. We accomplish goals together by helping each other and the company be successful.

Family Atmosphere & Culture

Founded in 1997, join a company that is family-owned and managed, where employees are respected and listened to. We have employees who have worked with us for over twenty years and even more over ten years.

Your Time Off

We believe in a work to life balance and after four months of working with the company you will begin accruing ample paid time off that will build with your tenure as an employee. If you need some unpaid time-off, we accommodate that too based on your circumstances.

Bonus & Profit Sharing Program

Depending on your role and tenure with the company, you may be eligible to share in the company's success if we are able to meet or exceed certain financial goals, through company voluntary bonus programs. We believe that a rising tide floats all boats and that we should share company success with employees.

Work Related Training

Depending on your role in the company and the training required for your role, you may be eligible for work related training, certifications or continued education costs covered partially or entirely by the company.

Modern Technology & Software

We cannot differentiate without up-to-date modern cloud-based applications to provide great experiences for customers and employees. We have made substantial investments in the technology stack and will continue to find and implement new systems as the business evolves.

Open To Your Suggestions & Ideas

Employee engagement and continual listening to your ideas and recommendations is critical to continued success. Without engaged employees, how can we expect them to provide a world-class experience for customers? We are open to listening to you and continually improving the business.

What is the purpose and the core values of the company?

Vision: To be a leading global direct marketer and specialty retail company


Mission: To develop brands that inspire outdoors enthusiasts through exceptional service and product education


Core Values: F.L.O.U.R.I.S.H. Definition: Verb. (of a person, animal, or other living organism) grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.


FORWARD THINKING: Mobilize forward thinking and imagination of individuals.
LOYALTY: Build loyalty through exceptional service, genuine caring, and honesty.
OPEN COMMUNICATION: Embrace open and honest communication.
UNWAVERING: Pursue excellence in work and life.
RESPECT: Execute all decisions with integrity, humility and respect.
INVEST: Invest and empower through educational development.
STEWARDSHIP: Contribute to the community and environment through stewardship.
HAPPY: It's nice to be around happy, motivated, and positive people. It's good for you, for the team, and for customers. We are in the business of selling fun.