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  • 4Ocean Bali Boarder Bracelet

    4Ocean Bali Boarder Bracelet

    4Ocean is a committed to making a positive impact on ocean life and the environment.  Assembed by hand on the tropical island of Bali. Highlights the impact of ocean palstic on marine life. This bracelet is made from recycled materials!

  • 4ocean Beaded Bracelet

    4ocean Beaded Bracelet

    The 4ocean Beaded Bracelet represents a commitment to the clean ocean movement and animal/aquatic conservation. Wear it as a reminder to curb your plastic habit, live more sustainably, and encourage others to take action to protect what they love. Adult...

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  • 4ocean Braided Anklet

    4ocean Braided Anklet

    Together, we can end the ocean plastic crisis. 4Ocean is dedicated to create a positive impact to ocean life. Assembled by hand on the torpical island of Bali Highlights the impact of ocean plastic on marine life. Made from recycled plastic and stainless...