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  • Chums NeoFloat Retainer neon green

    Chums Neo MegaFloat Retainer

    These colorful retainers from Chums is a must have for your trip at the beach! Features Jumbo-sized floating retainer for heavier glasses Soft, foam-filled neoprene Will float up to 3 oz. (85g) Length: 16.5" Weight without packaging: 0.4 oz. The Neo...

  • Chums Floating Neo Chums Floating Neo

    Chums Floating Neo

    The Floating Neo is our popular Neoprene retainer with added floatation capabilities. Filled with closed-cell foam, the Floating Neo will float eyewear up to 35 grams. The lock-stitched ends slip over most size eyewear frames. For a tighter fit, slide...

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  • Chums® Glassfloat Classic Black

    Chums Glassfloat Classic

    Chums® Glassfloat Classic fits most frames and will float up to 45g (most sunglasses fall under this mark). Comfortable, durable and quick-drying. Adjustable slider for snug fit Foam-filled soft woven polyester Adjustable slider for snug fit Fits...

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